Historical Background

According to the guiding principle of organic farming that the farm is an organism, there are those who have practically endeavored since the 1950s to produce their own seed on-farm.  With the founding of the “Initiative Circle for Vegetable Seed of Biodynamic Gardeners” in 1985, this activity became a cooperative effort, and the propagation of open-pollinated varieties began to be coordinated.  In 1994, the Kultursaat Association was founded by active members of the Initiative Circle to promote the development of new vegetables varieties for the professional organic farmer.  As of January 2020, some 90 vegetable varieties have been approved as new breeding achievements from Kultursaat by the German Plant Variety Registry.  For another 17 varieties, Kultursaat is registered as the official maintenance breeder.  Those varieties Kultursaat is responsible for, as well as those that are candidates or in process of registration, are listed under the heading Breeding.

Here you can find out more about Kultursaat and the Initiative Circle for Vegetable Seeds of Biodynamic Gardeners in German, English, and French.