Initiative Circle

Twice a year the Initiative Circle for Vegetable Seeds of Organic and Biodynamic Gardeners meets. These events provide a platform for in-depth discussions in plenum and in person – it provides us with a solid foundation for developing a trustworthy cooperation. The goal is also to learn from each other and further evolve together. Presently, more than 80 horticultural and agricultural enterprises belong to the Initiative Circle. Newcomers and interested persons are always welcome!

At the regular summer meeting, the focus is on visiting horticultural crops, crop evaluation exercises, as well as the discussion of practical questions and problems related to seed propagation. The winter meetings serve to deepen theoretical foundations, the coordination of seed production as well as addressing the social and political questions. In addition, the general assembly of the Bingenheimer Saatgut AG Company and the general assembly of the Kultursaat Association are integrated into this meeting.  You can find currentt dates here.