Support our work

There are many ways to support our work:

  • Ask about the varieties when you buy vegetables,
  • Use Kultursaat varieties, whether you are a professional or home-scale gardener,
  • Take us into consideration for loans and wills,
  • Donate to one of our two checking accounts,
  • Support us through gooding, when you shop online. Without any extra costs!

Or simply become a member of the Kultursaat Association. The annual membership fee for natural persons is 65.00 EUR, and for legal persons a guideline is 500.00 EUR.  Members receive information a number of times throughout the year about current activities and invitations to the Annual General Member Meeting and also other dates, and in this way you are “close by”.  Your membership is, in particular, an expression of your trust in our breeding work.

Be there with us! With one mouse click you can become a Kultursaat member.

Donations can be wired to the following accounts:

Sparkasse Oberhessen
IBAN: DE17 5185 0079 0086 0014 20
BIC: HELADEF1FRI (Friedberg, Hesse)

GLS Bank
IBAN: DE66 4306 0967 0101 5984 00

Note: You can make your donation tax-deductible, since the Kultursaat Association is recognized by the tax authorities as a non-profit organization. For donations up to 200 EUR, the account statement suffices as evidence for the tax office. For donations over 200 EUR, we would be happy to provide you with a donation statement, when you provide us with your address.  Donations of up to 20 % of total income can be deducted from taxes each year.