Breeding Methods

Book Title: Biologisch-dynamische Gemüsezüchtung
Our brochure describes our breeding approaches in easily understandable language. It is available in printed form as well as in pdf format. (click on picture)

Our breeding methods are based on the model established by the ABDP (Association of Biodynamic Plant Breeders, dissolved in January 2014).

All breeding influence upon the plant are made within the context of a biodynamic farm or garden. This basic sphere of influence is given thanks to the cooperation between agriculture and livestock farming. In particular, this means the strengthening and enhancement of the natural fertility of the soil by cultivation of pastures with leguminous plants and fertilizing with livestock manure. The aim of biodynamic agriculture is to establish a self-contained farm cycle. In addition, the biodynamic compost preparations and the spray preparations, like horn manure and horn silica, are used.

For the selection based on morphological aspects during the breeding process, important insights are offered by Goetheanistic metamorphosis research, which are specified for respective plant families, and also by species. In addition, maturity, color expression, vigor, and overall endurance are important breeding objectives that go beyond the usual targets in form, uniformity, and yield.

Particular attention is given to flavor. Through taste selection methods developed by biodynamic breeders, remarkably flavorful vegetables are bred (see).

Based on this holistic approach, any kind of abnormal manipulation is excluded from biodynamic breeding. We reject any intervention on the cell level – through genetically operational substances or radiation, in vitro culture, tissue culture, etc. For this reason, neither genetic engineering nor hybrid breeding methods are suitable for biodynamic breeding.

On the other hand, intentional influences from the environment, from the human being itself, or other specific efforts directed to the growing plant, are used in the development of our work. Here there are increasingly wide-ranging possibilities that will lead to a good future.