On behalf of the biodynamic vegetable breeders, the non-profit association Kultursaat applies for registration of the breeds in the register of varieties for a fee. The association explicitly waives exclusive rights such as plant breeders rights and patents. This is because cultivated plant species and their varieties are not regarded as property. Rather, the aim is to contribute to the further development of agrobiodiversity, to promote biological diversity on the fields, on the shelves and on the plates. Below you will find a list of all marketable varieties that are in the area of responsibility of Kultursaat e.V. in this sense: Varieties are cultural assets!

specie denomination breedernew/m.b. registration biography
red cabbage Rodynda D. Bauer new 1991 details
spinach Verdil B. v. Wistinghausen new 1992 details
kohlrabi Blaril Ekkharthof new 1993
white cabbage Holsteiner Platter D. Bauerm.b. 1994
white cabbage Dottenfelder Dauer D. Bauer new 1995 details
carrot Robila Th. Heinze new 1998 details
carrot Rodelika D. Bauer new 1998 details
red cabbage Amarant D. Bauer m.b. 1999
bush bean Helios Th. Heinze new 2001 details
cucumber Persika H. Spieß new 2001 details
paprika Sweet Dreams Th. Ritzer new 2001  
pumpkin Blue Ballet A. von Schulz m.b. 2001  
tomato Quadro H. Spieß new 2001 details
tomato Berner Rose Ph. Frintz m.b. 2002
cauliflower Odysseus J. Jacobs new 2003 details
cucumber Helena U. Behrendt new 2003 details
carrot Milan M. Pickel new 2004 details
lettuce Rolando U. Behrendt new 2004 details
white cabbage Dowinda D. Bauer new 2004 details
white cabbage Donator D. Bauer new 2004 details
lettuce Briweri R. Specht new 2005 details
leek Avano H. Ritter new 2006 details
chard Glatter Silber 3 H. Ritter m.b. 2006
iceberg lettuce Mythos Th. Heinze m.b. 2007
lettuce Till Th. Heinze m.b. 2007
paprika Pantos R. Specht new 2007 details
carrot Fynn U. Behrendt new 2007 details
bush bean Philetta Th. Heinze new 2007 details
cucumber Arola C. Nagel new 2007 details
pumpkin Red Kuri P. Kiefer m.b. 2008
tomato Ruthje U. Behrendt new 2008 details
carrot Oxhella Th. Heinze new 2008 details
carrot Leira D. Bauer new 2008 details
beetroot Robuschka U. Behrendt new 2008 details
savoy cabbage Smaragd A. von Schulz new 2009 details
garlic Frolia C. Nagel new 2009 details
beetroot Jannis U. Kirchgaesser new 2009 details
tomato Pilu R. Specht new 2009 details
chinese cabbage Atsuko C. Nagel new 2009 details
parsnip Aromata B. Horneburg new n. a.
iceberg lettuce Laibacher Eis 4 V. Becher m.b. 2010
kohlrabi Rasko J. Jacobs new 2010 details
Batavia lettuce Maravilla de Verano V. Becher m.b. 2010
carrot Fine Chr. Henatsch new 2010 details
leek Haldor M. Groen new 2011 details
Brussels sprout Idemar C. Matthes new 2011 details
tomato Tica R. Specht new 2011 details
chives Schmitt S. Weber new 2011 details
chives Gonzales Chr. Henatsch new 2011
lettuce Bijella Th. Heinze new 2011 details
bush bean Maxi Th. Heinze m.b. 2011
carrot Miranda U. Behrendt new 2012 details
tomato Bogus Fruchta C. Matthes new 2012 (AS) details
tomato Dorenia C. Matthes new 2012 (AS) details
Batavia lettuce Tarengo V. Becher new 2012 details
beetroot Ronjana Th. Heinze new 2012 details
sweet corn Damaun F. Ebner new 2013 (AS) details
sweet corn Mezdi F. Ebner new 2013 (AS) details
sweet corn Tramunt F. Ebner new 2013 (AS) details
leek Freezo C. Nagel new 2013 details
red cabbage Granat D. Bauer m.b. 2013
chard Pirol Chr. Henatsch new 2013 (AS) details
white cabbage Nagels Frühweiß C. Nagel m.b. 2013
cauliflower Nuage J. Jacobs new 2013
cauliflower Celiano A. von Schulz new 2013 details
radish Laurin J. Jacobs new 2014 details
chicory Macun S. Widmer new 2014
tomato Trixi S. Wedemeyer new 2014 (AS) details
pumpkin Rondini V. Becher new 2014 (AS)
onion Prometa R. Groenen new 2014 details
lettuce Piro R. Specht new 2014 details
cauliflower Tabiro J. Jacobs new 2014 details
white cabbage Domarna D. Bauer new 2014 details
lettuce Zulu R. Specht new 2014 details
chard Roscho Chr. Henatsch new 2014 (AS) details
chard Salimo Chr. Henatsch new 2014 (AS) details
chard Limago Chr. Henatsch new 2015 (AS) details
zucchini Serafina K. Becker new 2015 details
eggplant Zora R. Specht new 2015 (AS) details
broccoli Calinaro Th. Heinze new 2015 (AS) details
carrot Solvita Chr. Henatsch new 2015 details
carrot Dolciva F. Ebner new 2015 details
melon Murrmel S. Eysermans new 2015 (AS)
lettuce Pirat M. Bienert m.b. 2015
leek Kulaures Th. Heinze new 2015
french bean Marona U. Kirchgaesser m.b. 2015
lettuce Saragossa U. Behrendt new 2015
leek Philomene Chr. Henatsch new 2016
lettuce Lucinde Chr. Henatsch new 2016
runner bean Trebona B. Paul m.b. 2016
chicory Etardo J. Jacobs new 2017 (AS)
tomato Goldiana S. Wedemeyer new 2017 (AS)
Vigna bean Canetti A. Maaß new n. a.
lettuce Rubinette M. Bienert new 2017
spinach Gammason S. Vornhecke new 2017
white cabbage Berns U. Behrendt new 2017
bush bean Brigit Chr. Henatsch new 2017
cucumber Cleopha U. Behrendt new 2017 (AS)
radius Rudi U. Kirchgaesser m.b. 2018
corn salad Vit Th. Heinze m.b. 2018
corn salad Elan M. Groen m.b. 2018
broccoli Rasmus Chr. Henatsch new 2018 (AS)
sweet corn Sugrano C. Matthes new 2018 (AS)
paprika Lady Lou I. Attrot new 2018 (AS)
Tomato Philamina C. Matthes new 2018 (AS)
pumpkin Zaphito U. Behrendt new 2018 (AS)
kohlrabi Enrico F. Ebner new 2019
kohlrabi Fridolin J. Jacobs new 2019
cauliflower Amabile M. Groen new 2019
cauliflower Daniel J. Jacobs new 2019
spring onion Ischikrona A. Maaß new 2019
eggplant Lea I. Attrot new 2019 (AS)
sweet pepper Fritz I. Attrot new 2019 (AS)
tomato Heart of Gold I. Attrot new 2019 (AS)
kohlrabi Orinoko J. Jacobs new 2019
kohlrabi Dario F. Ebner new 2019
leek Sevino K. Becker new 2019
spinach Thorin Chr. Henatsch new 2020
carrot Gelbe Gochsheimer Th. Heinze new 2020 (AS)
celery Athos F. Ebner new 2020
celery Porthos F. Ebner new2020
carrot Vitella U. Behrendt new 2021
endive Mascha U. Behrendt new in application
onion Rose de Keruel S. Wedemeyer new in application
pak choi Yorokobi C. Nagel new n. a.
tomato Bellarubin S. Wedemeyer new 2020 (AS)
zuccini Solara K. Becker new 2020 (AS)
cucumber Liefje C. Nagel new 2020 (AS)
carrot Soletta Th. Heinze new 2020 (AS)
savoy cabbage Dunkelgrüner Putjes A. von Schulz new 2021 (AS)
zinnia Sommer in Orange S. Lange new n. a.
garlic Thüla S. Lange new 2021 (AS)
leek KS-PO-VB-PRE V.Becher new in application
lettuce KS-SAK-UB-EMM U. Behrendt new in application
lettuce KS-SAK-UB-FIN U. Behrendt new in application
lettuce KS-SAK-UB-LOT U. Behrendt new in application
batavia lettuce KS-SAK-VB-11811 V. Becher new in application
lettuce KS-SAK-VB-2081 V.Becher new in application
celery KS-SEK-SAT366 F. Ebner new in application
tomato Datella F. Jordan new in application
carrot KS-MOG-DH-RxR D. Bauer new in application
radish KS-RE-JJ-EDW J. Jacobs new in application