Vegetables with character - The concept

No marketing gag but education at the point of sale

An analysis of the situation in 2002/03 showed that consumer knowledge of plant breeding is very low. The terms in this context are often only understandable to experts. Against this background, it seemed very difficult to describe the problem of the ever faster turning variety carousel and the replacement of proven seed-solid varieties by hybrids (which are not worth reproducing).The necessity of an alternative concept, namely biodynamic plant breeding, was not easily communicated.

Following a survey of experts, it became clear that the focus should not be on plant breeding but on varieties. This led to the name "marketing of varieties", which should not be confused with the distribution of seeds of different varieties of cultivated plants.

After this planning phase, the communication concept was developed in 2004 and a market test was carried out with three varieties. The positive feedback in this trial phase and the award ceremony at BioFach for the 2005 recommendation encouraged us to expand. This was followed in 2006 by four further varieties (paprika, lettuce, spinach, white cabbage), in 2007 four more varieties (pumpkin, iceberg lettuce, beetroot, carrot) and in 2010 the parsnip Aromata.

In the meantime, an increasing number of players in the natural food industry have taken up the idea of marketing varieties in order to differentiate their assortment. Box signs, easy displays, leaflets (for ladners) and variety information sheets (for end customers) were designed as communication and sales aids. There is also a FAQ folder with aspects of the most frequently asked questions and the brochure "Biodynamic vegetable breeding". Seminars are also offered at irregular intervals; for example, the last further training course for organic food ladders (Seed Day) took place on May 30, 2012 in the nursery of the Lebensgemeinschaft Bingenheim. Special dates for groups can be arranged on request.

In order to ensure that these are really the biodynamic breeds to be promoted, the seed must be demonstrably from one of the Demeter contract partners, e.g.:

  • Arcoiris S.a.r.I., Italy
  • Bingenheimer Saatgut AG, Germany
  • Germinance, France
  • ReinSaat GmbH, Austria
  • Sativa Rheinau AG, Schwitzerland
  • Stormy Hall Seeds, England