Vegetables with character - The concept

Making plant breeding an issue

Breeders, traders and consumers jointly developed a communication concept to make biodynamic breeding known. Since consumers generally have no knowledge about plant breeding (the difference between the terms species and variety is hardly known), it was decided to focus first on the perceptible differences between varieties.

The concept was developed using three carrot varieties from biodynamic breeding as examples.

After binding talks between traders and growers, it is no longer just "carrots" that are traded, but for example "carrots, Milan, market garden Obergrashof, Demeter, Germany". So the gardener is not dealing in "carrots" but "Milan". In the shop or on the market the customer recognizes the special carrot by a distinctive box sign. The small flyer in the box gives a detailed description of the variety, including a typical variety recipe. Background information on biodynamic breeding work can be found by traders and interested consumers in the brochure "biodynamic vegetable breeding".